About us: a mother and son traveling.

Marjos (mum, me) was born somewhere at the end of the sixties in the southwest of the Netherlands, where the seas are high and the dunes are low. I grew up close to the sea, and far away from all things mundane.

At the tender age of 17 I left home for studies, first Business Adminstration. After pocketing my diploma I figured a year in Salamanca , Spain would be a great idea, (which it was). And well, speaking spanish combined with a longing for sun and sea equals Caribbean of course.

There I picked up a life long love for scuba and other sorts of diving. I was restless though: I had a feeling that I wasn’t who i could be, so I returned to Amsterdam to start Medical School. During Medical School I also ran into a nonmedical bug: Travel.

First some USA, but soonish also all kind of Central America and Carib, and lots of Eastern and Southern Africa en Australia. Before the clinical part of my education (so before i could see firsthand what happens to people who do it) i picked up another longer lasting habit: Motorcycling.

Time to head to the Himalaya. On a motorbike. The notorious Enfield was tamed, and also most of the Tata Trucks on my way. In 2009 I became an anesthesiologist, and got on the bike, #havegaswilltravel, i cruised to Mongolia, came back, did some medical volunteering in Tanzania (i hope you speak Dutch) , but eventually I started my fellowship Pain medicine.

In 2011 I registered, and started to work professionally as an Anesthesiologist-Pain Specialist. I immediately could head to my bosses’ office to ask for another leave, this time a maternity one: In january 2012 a beautiful baby boy was born. We named him Kick, a regional dialect for Cornelis.

The following years were dedicated to life: son, hobbies, and work. The itch never went away. So now (’22), even after some misheap and with a world in (viral) turmoil , it still is time again. To travel. But now not solo anymore. Mother and son. Marjos and Kick.

Travel.. our next chapter: #havesonwilltravel #goodlifeanywhere